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        KD-SPED LTD has the capacity to meet all Your transportation needs!

About us

imgOur company was founded in 2009 with the aim of different profile of our business in operation since 2002 transportation and logistics. Thanks to knowledgeable and enthusiastic colleagues we continuously evolved and growed. This trend has made it possible to expand our services, such as spedition forwarding activity, a broad range of vehicle movement, and dispositions!
Our challenge is to serve existing and future clients on a  continuously high level of quality service.

Thank you for your kind interest !

Víghné Homovics Natália

Where we deliver?

The majority of our transportation tasks are made in the European Union.  Included countries are : Austria, Germany, Switzerland, primarily outside the EU, UK and Benelux.
In addition next to our cars, we deal with several subcontractors with their own cars, that we can satisfy our customers' needs as widely as possible.
All cars are equipped with high sensibility GPS system, in order to track the movement and safety of your goods. Upon request we provide access to the tracking system, if you register on our website!
We use the most modern freight forwarder pay programs, that can guarantee that we are in contact only pre checked and reliable partners.

Where we deliver?